June 13, 2019

Little Things Making Large Impressions

A day of tiny pleasures and big personalities. And fidgeting around the mid-day sun. And falling back to living room photos.

     I want to have more days like today. Maybe minus the heat – it finally reached past 90ยบ and I was miserably uncomfortable. But that's when a swing dress comes out to work! And thong sandals, apparently. Look at these cute sandals, you know, my recent thrifty Sam Edelman find at the ARC. They're all I needed for a little "oomph" to my ensemble. Can a two piece outfit be an ensemble? The backpack counts, too, right? Who do I kid, it was a warm day and all that was required was an easy breezy dress to keep me cool and comfy. Besides, I was the only mom present at the playground who was not wearing leggings or t-shirts. Yet I didn't feel over dressed or out of place – I felt just right, just me.

June 08, 2019

It Says Woody Guthrie Center

Because I went on a short trip through Tulsa and that was a huge highlight of the time I spent in Oklahoma. Tulsa won me over; I would go back on any invitation. And, yes, I do listen to Woody Guthrie on vinyl. Maybe that's what this look is saying today: I'm a free thinker in my Free People dress. Bring out the guitar, or ukulele, and have an ol' fashioned sing along in my living room now. 

     Today was hot and humid and an un-hopeful premonition of summer to come. It was also Friday, the day I have too much to do and no time to myself. I started off at the surprisingly late hour of 8:00am and thought that was some good omen of my day. It wasn't. Nothing was working to my favor today. In fact, as I write this, I am still calming my nerves and focusing my breath in attempt to relax. These days happen to me but I'm coping and counting my blessings. I'm also working on finding the positive in all the mess, something we should all be practicing. Today was a chaos of patience but it was also a day of reserved accomplishments. 

June 04, 2019

Ten Seconds


      Today was a new day. I woke up in my usual manner and had little expectation for musings or adventures. Fridays have been a marriage of routines and commitment since mid-January, since I began this blog. I don't post on Fridays. They're too busy for me to wiggle myself some typing time. But I found myself alone, with a content child in her stroller, both of us at peace in our quiet surroundings. Sure, the pond is a usual sight come late Friday morning, but this time, today, it felt different. 
      My courage to take advantage of this moment, to capture it in photograph, sprung on me and I reached for my simple compact camera (one I fit into the snack compartment). With no tripod or care for that matter, I attempted several self-timed shots of myself in varied set ups. Nothing screamed editorial or comment-worthy and that's precisely what I wanted: simple unfiltered moments. I much like the look of a grainy photograph. Dark and contrasted against the natural sunlight. Features undefined into the backdrops. It's a frame that invites one to look and not touch, to make assumptions on the story before and after the moment. I want to perfect this given that the tools I have are my Sony point-and-shoot and ten seconds of stillness. 
      Ten seconds. In a serene enclosed area wedged between the pond and a large rock wall. If I stand still for those ten seconds I notice shapes and colors, sounds and scents that I have never observed before. Ducks wading in the water. Cracks in the side of the rock cliff. Dragonflies dancing on the tips of cat tails. Ten seconds is over. I had it all to myself. My thoughts were focused on the moment, not on a blog, not on a schedule. I was free for those ten seconds in a simple way that I have to search out. It was worth my chaos of the morning rush to find myself today.  

I was really quite pleased with my outfit today. I have not worn shorts since before pregnancy, and these are recent creations from my worn-through INC jeans. I am learning that I like my legs in all their nude glory. I was confident in my choice of clothing. I find little to be "blog-worthy" but the over all feeling of identity is what I wanted to capture and share.