January 14, 2020

Wardrobe Review: The End All

    Hey journal. I am coming to a close on my wardrobe overhaul and what a better way to wrap up my style journey than an over view of everything? This post has taken a chunk of my precious free time to write out and I meant for it to be done weeks ago, because I think it's necessary to conclude one part of my personal reflection before venturing onto new goals.

Clothing Keepers

Adam Tucker Bow Flats – They fit small but I can deal with it.

Vintage red floral dress – Not great on its own but layered with sweaters looks good.

Vintage 70’s Leather Jacket – I’ve been undecided on this all year, and, you know what, I’m just gonna keep the thing. It’s a cool item to own and I will consider altering the sleeves. 

Clothing Not Keepers

Old Navy striped shirt – Is this brand just really poorly constructed or was it just the shirt? Thing fell apart after a few washes, and not something I wanted to repair. 

INC denim pants – It's not that these are not keepers because I would have worn these for ages more, but the “knee” hole just kept getting bigger til it was unwearable. *Sigh* I’ll look for another pair. These are my favorite jeans. 

Refuge jeggings – Never really liked these but pants are pants, right? Nope. The quality was awful and the fabric was soft and cheap. Permanent crease marks after washing and I could not confidently like my rear end in these things. Goodbye!
 Not even worth the four bucks I paid.
New Balance/J.Crew collaboration sneakers – Cool shoe, but wrong size. Had to give them up to my mother. Therefore anytime she wears them it’s a reminder of my shoe fail.

Clothing I Just Don't Know

Eddie Bauer Green Synthetic Puffer – I just don’t like the color. I’m holding onto it because it’s a perfect lightweight winter jacket that I am going to need. But, again, I wish it were a different color.

Red Maxi Skirt – I was undecided since buying it, but it was wroth a try. Surprisingly - or not so - it makes an excellent skirt for bloated period cramp type days. That in itself is worth considering. Otherwise, it’s awful sheer and long despite my attempts at rolling it up. It’s a house skirt and nothing more.

Faux Fur Coat – I haven't worn this at all this current cold season, even though it's a fun choice for a low temperature. It's the shoulder width, too big on me. Should I add it to my alterations pile or pass it on to someone bigger framed?

December 20, 2019

Another Red Sweater Post

     It's still really cold. I'm still always cold. When I have to go outside in the very cold I will usually be wearing this here jacket, which is a poor excuse for a cold weather coat, but it's been my choice for a few years now. Even a certain relative made a recent comment that winter has begun upon my bringing out this TNF jacket from its hibernation. If it were colder I will layer my parka over the jacket, or perhaps just add my thin wool jacket beneath it. Or all three. Because it's always cold. 
     So to beat the repetition of a bland gray jacket, I chose to dress up in a, um, dress. It's a vintage dress, very 1980's grandma and rightfully so since it is a 1980's dress. This darn dress stole my heartbeat at the Goodwill and I was like, "Ten Dollars! Gotta have that!" and bought it on the spot. Took it home, removed the tags (NEVER remove the tags!), and realized I did not like the dress. How does that even happen? I think once upon 2014 when I was running a semi-successful vintage resale con shop I would snatch up any cutesy vintage clothing to wear and live out my Dolly Kei/Mori Girl lifestyle then ship off the item to whosoever paid my asking price for said item. It was actually a good routine. This dress is very reminiscent of that brief era of my life, and in that sense, I felt a little sentimental toward it.

     Obviously I kept the dress. It's a bit large on me and requires a slip (don't they all?) so the natural solution is to layer a sweater over it. What better sweater than my trusty sidekick: the red pullover. I need to count how many times I wore this sweater in an outfit post. It's well loved and worth its five dollar ticket. Then the question of keeping or removing the lace collar came to mind. I think the collar looks super cutesy and challenges the thirty-year old trends among my peers. Lace peter pan collars are not exactly a rage right now. I pinned it down with a -gasp- vintage brooch then coordinated that accessory to my black boots. These Nine West boots are the best shoe purchase of the year, except that they stand over three inches and make chasing a toddler a difficulty. But I like them, a lot. Throw on some red tinted lip balm and a tiny bit of blush to give myself a dead china doll look, and, baby you got yourself a stew.
     Now that's combining styles across the board to create a look that's all me. A little vintage. A little high-end. A little plain yet charming. And that completes this style centered post.

December 12, 2019

Girl Walks into a Target and

     My trust in a positive human nature is still rooted in my soul. Good people are out there, walking the aisles of Target. I met two of them, three perhaps, today while navigating the grocery aisles (of which I am still not accustomed to since all the major renovations) of the famous Bullseye retailer. My sweet girl was the tractor beam that pulled these kind hearts our way. She was making the most of our exciting trip to the store and people responded. It was lovely for us both. Poor thing was cooped up in our home for a good week while I was struggling through my own poor health, and the simplest occasion of helping Mama find the right brand of facial tissues (Puffs, Puffs, Puffs!) was like a a trip to the candy store. I guess Target could be a candy store, I mean, they do have a candy section . . .

December 05, 2019

It Ryhmes With Door Hinge


     I am reaching the end of my wardrobe overhaul. Almost one year ago I had a closet full of maternity shirts and old leggings, some worn denim, and a handful of pullovers. Plus the cutesy vintage dresses I can't let go of despite some of them not fitting quite right. My shoes were pretty kickin' (pun!) but my aesthetic was rather flat. I was still coping with postpartum problems – not that I'm completely erased of those yet – but I also had to push myself to do something for, er, myself. With no one to hold me to anything I sought out the commitment of the blogging world. I used to blog, a long long long time ago, and it was such fun that I thought let's do it again!. After these months of posting about my fashun-ish styles I have come to a conclusion that I have not much changed in this last decade, let alone the last fifteen (years, not decades) or so. And it took a (almost) year of (kind of) blogging to realize this.

     I yam what I yam, and what I yam is orange as a sweet potato.

     Oh and this old thing? It's something I wore recently. I look cute. I look mod. Working that scarf. Coat was a gift to myself because I look really good in an orange coat. What you can't see is the ruffle texture of the knit navy skirt that compliments the knit navy socks, all of which are drowned out by the saturation from the camera. But the details that don't convey through media are then reserved as my living breathing sartorial secrets. 
Now back to real life hibernation. JK. I'm actively avoiding blogging and focusing that energy on home renovation. New self-improvement direction for 2020? Maybe. Or I could delete this altogether and pretend it was all a game.

October 28, 2019

Is It Winter Yet?

      I'm bracing myself for involuntary hibernation. Last winter season it was really cold and snowy and I had to entertain the royal we indoors more than I could handle. We had frequent library trips, arts and crafts, and extended movie marathons, naming a few non-playground activities. I mean I like to do fun things in our house and all, but I prefer the freedom of walking or driving anywhere on a whim, in safe conditions. I do so want the hot cocoas and snowflake landscapes of winter but, as a parent desperate for a change in routine, I want the summery travel conditions too. So yes, I'm preparing for being stuck in the house again. Also I must add hot cocoa mix to my next shopping list.

     This very blog was born of winter isolation. Also as a factor of two-hour naps. I should fall back on this creative space and waste more time taking silly photos of myself. I'm learning to adapt and move forward with my daughter's nap strikes. I can work around her messy activity table (so famously present in a lot of photos) and crop and edit myself into a tiny pretty frame. Kind of funny how I relied on living room photos for many months before venturing into other spots about my home, only to come back to living room photos.
     Is that really what I'm using this precious time to talk about? Well, yeah. My petty thoughts always force their way into text. But the fact at hand is that I am looking for new ways to amuse my daughter and I when the days are short and the outdoor time is limited. I'm looking ahead for both she and I (Me and Her?), for our combined interests and solo time.

     Here's what I like to do: Crochet. Play ukuklele. Collect yarns. Dress up. Take baths. Read. Browse eBay.
     Here's what she likes to do: Help Mommy knit. Drop her ukulele. Play with yarns. Live in pajamas. Supervise Mommy's baths. Bring out all the books. Type on Mommy's keyboard.
     Our interests are the same, kind of. And in no way am I attempting to project her in a bad, troublesome way. I actually love when she helps me do things, including take a bath. You haven't fully lived until a small child dumps twenty plastic dinosaurs and whales on top of you while you're trying to relax, then proceed to "wash" you with her stacking cups. And seriously, I kind of love that too. It's like a bad characteristic that annoys someone until it's gone and you miss it. And then she helps herself into the tub to practice relaxing like Mommy, on top of Mommy. I absolutely love that.

     Point of all of this is that I need activities for a long winter isolation, a time when other parents and their children seem to vanish. We'll start up weekly classes again and make more school-like routines, plus I collected outdoor play things that make for a small scale backyard playground. I think she'll be okay. What about for Mommy? I have activities for myself, simple things. I LOVE getting dressed for winter, so I anticipate having more fun playing with my clothes as the days grow colder. That ties into me posting more outfits on this blog. The one BIG thing I am going to need is break time. Support from family. Someone who will relieve me just a couple hours ever so often. I really don't need another snowy meltdown to get some help, but, hey, when in Rome, right?