March 21, 2019

Defining My Style: Clothing Color Palette

White // Gray // Navy Blue // Deep Red // Light Pink
     I've thought a good several weeks about what colors define my wardrobe. I think about the colors that make me happy. I think about colors that I do not want to wear. I think about the colors that have held up over the years. I also consider which colors I always go for when shopping. I'm a habitual person and change as I might, I will return to what I like. There's an ounce of unintentional rhyme in this but I like the rythm it creates. I'm going somewhere with this.

     I mentioned a journal I have and use in jotting thoughts or notes about fashion. Well, I have a section of scribbles in attempt to narrow down my color palette. It's title reads "What Colors Do I Wear" and then all chaos follows. Basically I listed every color I could think of, because defining myself is impossible. At the top are White and Gray. They never fail me. Adjacently noted are Khaki and Cream with a caption reading "neutrals", as if to remind myself of their purpose. Then I list all favorite colors across the spectrum, from pink to blue. The point of the exercise was lost on me. I don't know what I'm doing.

March 15, 2019

Faux Snow Outfit

     Oh my goodness I am so happy right now about this outfit! Every week we have blizzard warnings that fall between a dusting to several inches. Every week I have to camp out in my living room with crayon activities, rented DVD's and an assortment of toys, waiting out the incorrect forecasts. Every week the snow falls and streets ice over and people forget how to drive or shovel or act calm and go about their days as normal because this is a routine thing that happens and why does snow make people lose their minds. I know, it's a run on, sorry. It's also a run on situation that I can't escape. It's been making me lose my mind too. Something about cooping up inside with heavy winds scraping at my door just irks me. Irks me enough that I wear my sweats and camoflauge sweater all day. Weather makes me grumpy, right?

     This morning I wake up and the sun is shining and the snow can be heard melting away outside. Oh, happy day! As I'm e-mailing Mandy a happy birthday I make mention of the snow and getting dressed and my apathetic boredom. Then I realize, I need to get things done today. I need to dress myself all pretty again. I need to correct my apathy so that I can e-mail Mandy about the snow adding a cool backdrop to my newly thrifted fur coat, rather than complain about it as per our usual conversation. And just like that I did get dressed and I  made use of the cold morning snow in what is my favorite look yet. A strange thing someone else's birthday can do to me. (Thanks, Mandy!)

March 13, 2019

Take Me to Target Outfit

     It's true. We had a date at Target. Only it wasn't at night or any time close to evening. It was in the morning. I can't think of anything more that I want to do with my husband, though. It's Target! Without a time frame! Well, not true, we had two hours to ourselves and that was more than we typically have in a week. Two whole hours to shove dollar section plastic wrapped party favors and dry erase markers and packs of light bulbs into my cart. I even took my time looking at all the options of shampoo in the hair care aisle. I chose Pantene Pro-V Moisture something or other. Man, my hair is dry.

     Best part of Target? No one cares what your wearing, yet at the same time, everyone cares. It's a place to dress up or down or in the middle or try something wild or something timeless. Hey, I think that's just about what I did here: up and down and middle and wild and timeless. Dang it, maybe that should have been my outfit title. Can anyone tell I don't get out much? My climax of our infrequent babysitter hour is a weekday mid-morning shopping trip to Target while wearing my date night best. And I'm excited about it. Also excited that I found the sliced bread I prefer at a dollar less than my grocery store. Ergo I spent that saved dollar on plastic wrapped party favors from the dollar shelf. It all makes a full circle.