October 23, 2019

I'm Really Cold

     And that's all.
     Today I am feeling really cold but also pretty good. I don't think I wore any transitional sweat pants type outfit this morning either – just straight from pajamas to this. That means I was motivated to get dressed! I was motivated in general! It's this beautiful gloomy autumn day. My husband and I both thrive on cooler, graying days like this one. Cause we're, like, so goth or something. Well, he's definitely more of a wear all black listens to bands you've never heard of type. I'm still riding the wave of the mid-2000's indie pop crowd, with a little lot of Elliott Smith now and then. Doesn't that describe my outfit here pretty well? A little bit apathetic yet altogether cutesy, like a redefined Ramona Flowers who cares about the labels she wears. (Cause she's grown up now and has money to burn beyond the thrift shops).

     Well now I have to decide if I'm going to make an effort at watching Scott Pilgrim Vs The World or just go about my usual chores. I did watch a really awful 80's film about LA night life and unlikely friends on a goose chase. I loved it. Watched the whole thing. I think I found my genre because other movies that make me giddy include Can't Buy Me Love and Heathers, and let's face it, I enjoy 80's fashion mixed with ludicrous plot lines. Well now I've strayed far from the focus of my outfit. It's whatever because I look cute and feel good and that was all I needed to convey.


October 20, 2019

Talking to My Creative Side

      Do we see that beautiful shadow reflected on the floor? The one made by the afternoon lighting filtered through my window blinds. I'm very into it for any old reason that pleases me. Actually it seems that shadow is into me, too, as it's striping my skirt in a pretty, um, striped pattern. Okay, so the shadow has me smitten and I'm prone to liking mundane things so no surprise. Admiring the simplicity of the every day. It's a good practice. Another good practice? Making oneself feel as good on the outside as one does on the inside. Rather, today, I had to dress myself up in order to kick start my crummy insides back to feeling better. Not a depression thing, just a woke up feeling like I was drained of all life force thing. I'm tired forever; what more can I say?

skirt // blouse // cardigan // shoes // necklace // backpack

     I can't decide on a title for this post. I'm following yesterday's diary entry, because this outfit was actually from yesterday, after I wrote that entry. On that subject, I am reflecting on this mental strain of finding personal direction and defining goals, etc; etc. Finding purpose in my life like some philosophical personal growth audio book. Why is it so hard for me to just be me: creative DIYer and adorable housewife and a superb mother.

October 19, 2019

Simple Things No. 4

     I like checking in with myself. I like reminders that I exist beyond any role or identity others may have created for me or assume of me. I like alternating between The Cranberries greatest hits and Elliott Smith B-side tracks. I'm also okay admitting that I like listening to The Wiggles singing nursery rhymes. Let me change that – I love the enthusiasm I feel for when The Wiggles come into our living room. I like listing things out regardless of priority, importance, or value. That's why I like making these "simple" posts once in a while. I like to write out all the good moments I have and be thankful for them. There's a lot of good out there.

     Currently, like diary style, I am typing this ALONE in a quiet, clean house. I am a little sick, as usual, but I can actually rest my mind and body at the same time. We have not been sleeping well this past week and that lack of rest is wearing on me. I haven't been eating well either, well, I haven't been eating much at all. I acquired a collection of uneaten birthday cupcakes that overshadowed my other meal choices, so, yeah, I ate a lot of cake this week too. Over worked myself yesterday with errands and transportation and working around a toddler's needs while trying to get my own things done. *Boo Hoo mom problems*.
     But hey! that's all the complaining I'm willing to share for now. There were good moments this week that made me feel, well, good. I made a new friend and I'm feeling more connected to her than past hopefuls. We've had three encounters and the conversation seems to flow naturally. Haven't decided if I will be sharing this blog with her, but I did send her an invite to my private blog of which she enjoyed and related to. I also reconnected to a neighborhood pal that chanced to find me flailing around our streets with a fussy child; such an inviting scenario to walk into. Then our children had a dance party in the park and proceeded to roll down a grassy hill. That turned my day around. Talk about simple moments.
Other moments that were worth capturing included the last day of our summer annuals, critters on the sidewalks, the gorgeousness of a golden hillside, and working my hands into knitted projects again. On the fourth latter, I'm considering making a blog post for my recent finished projects. But I know me. I'd rather talk about doing something and then dive into a different direction altogether. On that note, I added Fiona Apple to my playlist so I'm going to leave now and sing along to "Criminal".
**I don't know which update count this is but number four sounded good.   
goodbye to our flowers // snails everywhere! // knitting with good yarn // aspen trees

October 15, 2019

Wrapping Up

I look like a high fashion bandit coming at you for your best blue jeans.

     This looks familiar. When in doubt of oneself go back to what one knows best, and, for my case, it is living room photos of a feel good boot cut jeans outfit. Does that make this a straight-forward outfit post?! Not some ambiguous lead into my apathetic personal diary? Guess the change in seasons is a healthy dose of optimism for this old-ish girl. Trying so hard to not bring weather into this…but…it's me and I have to talk about the happiness of fall. For starters, I am not happy with the leaves hanging onto the trees this late, although yellowing and fall-like, it's not a classic October setting. BUT I do like the temperature mood swings and the excitement it allows for wearing whatever the heck I want to: jeans, skirts and tights, layered dresses, sweaters and jackets and boots and sandals! Where's the fashion police to keep me in quarantine 'til the cold weather finally breaks through?

jeans // top // hat // boots // shawl

     All temperamental factors aside, I feel nice in this, like fashionably decent, and decided a casual blue jeans photo was due for queue. Margaret [www.mgetsdressed.com] made a comment about feeling nice in clothing items other than pretty dresses, and I agree. Dresses are an easy choice but good jeans are a good alternate. And while some days I like how basically fashun I feel in my LOFT jeans and J.Crew pullover, I may not find it necessary to share such an outfit.Yet here I am, photographed in A|G jeans and a Nordstrom pullover (of which I actually purchased NEW in store!). It's a step up from mall brands, right? Throw in my favorite too tall to function booties plus that flimsy felt hat I like to rag on, and baby you got yourself a stylish stew.
     Then I wrapped it up with that, um, wrap. This is a real deal authentic Scottish wool tapestry and the quality and warmth are worth every penny. Not that I paid for it, it was a generous gift many years ago when I was welcomed into my husband's clan. It's also a juggernaut against my frame and figuring out how to fold it and wear it without looking fit for sheep-herding is a process I am continuing to evolve with. I am toying with brooches for closure but I tend to like a flowing blanket wrap on a cool day. It's a blanket, man, and at the end of a cold day I get to say I carried my blankie with me everywhere I went.

September 29, 2019

I Dig Your Style: Hannah Riles

This girl flaunts her flawless fashion,
Hannah of http://www.stylesbyhannahriles.com/

     I haven't made one of these blog crush type entries in a while, but Hannah here motivated me to add another one to my collection. Found her on . . . Lookbook I think? Could have been one of those moments of linking to her website through someone else's blog. That happens sometimes. Irrelevant! I'm only here for the fashion. Look at her! Look at those clothes! Look at her choices in pairing and layering and silhouettes, oh my! Doesn't help that she has a close friend (had? it's been a while) to take her editorial shots. Meanwhile, I'm posing around my bedroom with a self-timer. Well, therein lies the secrets to my attraction. Cool fashion, cool photos. I won't get into how young she was when her blog started up because then I'll have a mid-thirties crisis about my own progress in life.

    In the past I would chat with myself about a few aesthetic aspects of the individual in question. Today I kind of just want to skip that part and instead post outfits I like and leave it at that. Hannah takes me down a gopher hole (assuming gophers might have more elaborate tunnel systems than a rabbits simple underground den) with YEARS of photo documentation. There's some repetition in the items she wears, but I don't bat a lash at how she is able to redefine everything.
     I actually had to eliminate one outfit because it was closely identical to another shared here, and I only realized it after scrutinizing each photo during layout editing. I can't do that. I haven't been able to wear a head to toe copy of another past look and tweak it so slightly yet still give it new life. AND that's why I don't post my outfits as much as I used to! Now we all understand . . . I'm not fashunably gifted. Hannah is.